A Family Photoshoot During Lockdown

Well what an interesting yet extraordinarily difficult time it has been throughout the global pandemic. Back in March 2020 we had no clue what to do as everything had literally come to a mahoosive stand still for us at JPAD UK. We did spend this time wisely though by investing it in self education and development of our brand.

But enough of that, on the 15th June 2020 we were once again allowed to open our doors to families as a studio. Now although this was absolutely amazing it was certainly a lot more difficult than it sounds and not as simple as ‘open our doors’, let me tell you why. When we started JPAD UK, 5 years ago this month, it went by the name Collision Art 1992 and we were photographing families throughout our local area. We built the studio to have a great reputation and recommendations were at an all time high. 

Two years in we were presented with an amazing opportunity which we simply could not turn down, it was to niche our business and become a full time events photography company specializing in onsite print.

The next three years leading us today have been absolutely amazing, there have been lows like anything in life but boy o boy, the highs definitely out way it. JPAD UK has grown in strength year on year within the events industry building loads of fantastic opportunities.

What has any of that got to do with it not being as simple as ‘opening our doors’?

Well the reason being that when you niche or specialise in any industry really people get to know you and your company for that particular specialism. Mainly because the companies advertising & marketing efforts tend to be in that particular area so in a nutshell people tend to slowly forget about what else you can offer simply because you aren’t letting them know what you can do. In our case, we were telling our audience about events and schools which we had been photographing, not studio portrait sessions for families. Thus when we did start to advertise, it was as if we were a new business again and the experience wasn’t there nor trust that you build with an audience. 

Luckily though during the three years which we specialised we did have several occasions where we were able to offer photoshoots for families that we absolutely loved and due to this we were able to market to those select few to capture some brilliant photos. 

This was a whole different ball game though as yes we could take the photos but we had to consider the social distancing guidelines and also making sure that it all sanitized. Don’t get me wrong but your mind goes into overdrive thinking is this good enough, are people going to be happy & satisfied and am i far enough away from them for them to feel comfortable. Not only this but it was running the risk of a cancellation or postponed session due to the client having to self isolate or they have decided to shield.

Panic, Anxiety, What was it all for?

In a nutshell, absolutely nothing as we had a first photoshoot and it went so well, almost as if nothing had changed atall. Normality was restored, yes there were a few more things to consider but no where near the amount that we had been going through our heads when we first heard that we could reopen our doors. 

The first week we were able to welcome a handful of our families through the doors and it was such a great experience to interact with people once again. We were also able to do what we do best, and capture memories through our lens.

We have been able to carry on with and long may that continue. With the events industry still at a standstill which we are longing to return, we have definitely learnt to carry on as we began 5 years ago and that is truly to see the smiles on the faces from the photos that we deliver.

Thank you for reading and have a look at some of the images we were able to capture during this unprecedented time.

If you have been considering updating the family photo then simply get in touch using our contact page or give us a ring on 01327 872 285 or email us at hello@jpaduk.com

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      Charles - JPAD UK

      Thank you very much Angese 🙂 We really appreciate that 🙂

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