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Name: Robyn-Nicole Hall

Age: 10

Team: Cheeforce Ten – Youth level 2, Junior level 3 & Mini Pom

Started Cheer: November 2016

Movie: Forrest Gump

Song: OMI – Cheerleader (just because it explains my life)

Colour: Blue

What made you start Cheering? A friend from school asked me to go with them, I had no idea what to expect. It was only recreational but my coach at the time asked me to compete in a Level 0 team in the December, i did and I have never looked back.

The Little Ladies of Ten smash it at BCA Spring Spirit 2020

What has competitive cheer taught you? If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again. We are a big family no matter what team you Cheer for. And the main thing is to enjoy your time on the mat!!!

What’s your favourite thing about cheering for ‘YOUR PROGRAMME’? Having the opportunity to Cheer in a Level 3 team, to try new stunts, tumbles and harder routines.

What’s your Cheer Dream? To go to worlds

Who’s your Cheer inspiration? It has changed over time but 3 years ago it was Oliver Reynolds from Coventry Dynamite but now I just love watching everyone as they inspire me in different ways, mainly by showing me anything is possible if you train hard and put in effort and determination.

What are you looking forward to most about the season? Getting back into training and competing again, but mainly spending quality time with my Cheer family.


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