Rebecca Afolabi – FEATURED ATHLETE

Rebecca Afolabi featured athlete JPAD UK

Name: Rebecca Afolabi | Age: 20 | Cheers for –  Central City Allstars L1

How long have you been cheering? 

I have been cheering for 2 years since 2018

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Movie: Bring it on | Song: Blackpink-Kill this love | Colour: Pink

What made you start Cheering?

Since 2008 I have been very intrigued by the whole aspect of cheerleading, although I could only see it when watching movies as cheerleading is not seen as big thing in the UK. After seeing how they dance, did flips and flew in the air I knew I had to make that my reality 

What has competitive cheer taught you?

Competitive cheer has taught me that without a team work and strong bond, not only between members but also with your coach, it is impossible to succeed 

What’s your favourite thing about cheering for ‘YOUR PROGRAMME’?

My programme has a lot of things I like but I’m so happy being in such a loving environment where everyone is comfortable to speak and express themselves 

Rebecca Afolabi kissing winning cup

What’s your Cheer Dream?

My cheer dream is winning Grand Champions

Who’s your Cheer inspiration?

My cheer inspiration is every single cheerleader, Especially my coach!!

What are you looking forward to most about the season?

Going to all the competitions and meeting other cheerleaders


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