BCA Winter Weekender 2019

View your photos from the amazing BCA Winter Weekender 2020 at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

Simply select Winter Weekender from the drop down menu below, enter your email address and use the ‘EVENT’ password to access the gallery


Here at JPAD UK we give you the option to purchase an entire routine for a set price.

Normally £150.00 per routine, you receive 50% OFF if pre-ordered or ordered at comp itself. Thats £75 for a full set of routine photos, supplied to as digital files so you can share amongst your team, family & friends.

To do a little maths for you, if you split the cost between 10 athletes / parents, that would be £7.50 each, including multiple images. Between 20 parents thats £3.75 each.

Go aways, have a talk with your parents and if it is something for you either click the link below to preorder or come and grab a form from us at comp.

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